One of the biggest topics in Algebra II is working with different types of functions. From quadratics, cubics, rational, sine and cosine students learn to graph a variety of functions and seeing how each function is effected by parameters. In the sketch below, students work with quadratics that are in vertex form;
external image gif.latex?y=a(x-h)%5E2+k
Please use the accompanying document with your students to help them understand the relationship of parameters and their effect on vertex form. Students will also learn about the relationship of (h,k) and the vertex along with the Axis of Symmetry.

Quadratics in Vertex Form


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In this sketch, you will be able to determine how the parameters a, h and k effect the graph. Adjust the sliders below to help guide your discovery.

Nicholas F. Bennett, 5 December 2012, Created with GeoGebra